Achievements Competition

Award: iNVENTX Jr.

Congratulation for the great achievements to all of our students! Thank you Coach Christopher and Coach Obelix for your effort!

Our teams doing great in the iNVENT X Jr. @ Multimedia University, Melaka Campus!

Gold Award – Giving Hands (Team Member: Bertrand, Gan Ching Kang, Tai Jia Xuan, Choy Kah Mun)

Gold Award: IoT Flood Warden (Team Member: Arveen, Lee Jing Yang, Tan Yi Kai)

Gold Award – Rescue Nearby (Team Member: Dharvienas, Aayden, Arveen)

Silver Award- Lee Chong Wei (Team Member: Choo Dick Son, Lim Ky Rel)

Bronze Award- Assignment Monitor (Team Member: Jerric Tai Jia Xuan, Yau Yuan Jie, See Yu Wei)

Bronze Award- Trashketball (Team Member: Darius, Jaymus, Jeslyn)

Broze Award-The army (Team Member: Karthigeyan, Woon Shi Yuan)

Broze Award- Alert 10 Guard (Team Member: Ng Shi Hong, Daryl Lim Chee Leong, Lee Junn How)


Award: LadyBug Robotics Challenge 2023

Congratulations to our students Poh Xuan Lynn, Poh Xuan Feng, and Hor Yoong Ern received the champion in LadyBug Robotics Challenge 2023 (Finale) at Karnival STEM Melaka, UTeM.

Around of applause to the to little ones!

Award: Silver in Young Innovator Challenge 2023

Silver Award in Young Innovator Challenge 2023

Congratulations to Gan Ching Kang, Tai Jia Xuan, and Choy Kah Min achievement in Young Innovator Challenge with the project: Giving Hands

Giving Hands is a mobile app to help charity organisations and donors to target donation easily. Below is the project poster.


Award: Bronze in Junior Innovate

7 Sep 2023, our junior students Lim Ky Rel and Choo Dick Son received bronze award at Junior Innovate Melaka, Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka.

The project title is Lee Chong Wei. It is a computer animated arcade game to simulate a single player badminton game, with some physical interface such as LEDs and physical buttons and running with Arduino Uno. It is designed to be an educational game that inspired by the value of Dato Lee Chong Wei. “Never Give Up”

Around of applause for the junior that receive the achievement! We are hoping them to strive up for more!


Kuala Lumpur Engineering Science Fair (KLESF 2019)

Congratulations to all winners in KLESF 2019 for excellence achievements! 2 Bronze Awards and 2 Merit Awards from RoboForcians. Abby & Qian You, Adeline & Brandon, Chong Jer & Yu Je & Li Heng, Dennis & Bryson. Well done!