Achievements Competition

Award: iNVENTX Jr.

Congratulation for the great achievements to all of our students! Thank you Coach Christopher and Coach Obelix for your effort!

Our teams doing great in the iNVENT X Jr. @ Multimedia University, Melaka Campus!

Gold Award – Giving Hands (Team Member: Bertrand, Gan Ching Kang, Tai Jia Xuan, Choy Kah Mun)

Gold Award: IoT Flood Warden (Team Member: Arveen, Lee Jing Yang, Tan Yi Kai)

Gold Award – Rescue Nearby (Team Member: Dharvienas, Aayden, Arveen)

Silver Award- Lee Chong Wei (Team Member: Choo Dick Son, Lim Ky Rel)

Bronze Award- Assignment Monitor (Team Member: Jerric Tai Jia Xuan, Yau Yuan Jie, See Yu Wei)

Bronze Award- Trashketball (Team Member: Darius, Jaymus, Jeslyn)

Broze Award-The army (Team Member: Karthigeyan, Woon Shi Yuan)

Broze Award- Alert 10 Guard (Team Member: Ng Shi Hong, Daryl Lim Chee Leong, Lee Junn How)