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Bukit Beruang (HQ)

Oakrich International School (Kampung 8)


Instruments needed in class

LadyBug Robotic Kit + Block Programming Level 1 Book

LadyBug Robotic Kit is sufficient for:

~ Block Programming (Grade 1 – 3)

~ Robotics (Grade 1 and Grade 2)

~ Can be use as parts at Innovator Course


Robotic Arm and Arduino Kit

Covered Course:

~ Robotic(Grade 3)

~ Can be use as parts at Innovator Course


Students Achievements

Where Makers Are Made


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Frequently Asked Questions

Any other fee to be charge besides the registration fee and monthly training fee?

Courseware materials needed for the class are charged for the purchase, other than that, charges will only occur if any participation of special program/event/activities which involved of materials/logistics arrangement/ participation fee.

Did RoboForce teach Roblox and Minecraft?

No, although Roblox and Minecraft is a gaming platform that allows student to learn coding and game development, but at the same time, some students might get addicted in playing that game instead of the development, Furthermore, in our Block Programming Course, it also allows students to create their animation and games, besides that, it also allows student to interface with electronics hardware, students can build something beyong computer game such as arcade game, innovations, robots and etc.

Will Lego Mindstorm to be use in the class?

No, our programs are using LadyBug Robot, it is a robotic kit designed and developed by RoboForce, the technology is build on top of Arduino Technology. Arduino is an open-source microcontroller circuit board that allows user to build any innovations and projects based on their creativity. 

I’ve noticed that the Block Programming is very similar to Scratch (MIT), if my children has already learn this before, is it ok for him/her to take another course?

Definitely! However, our coach will perform an assessment to test the student’s understanding towards the coding concepts. If the student passed the assessment, he is welcome to begin with our Robotics Course!

What language do you guys use in class? What if my kid is not good in English?

The first language is English, however, our coach is allowed to provide explanation in other languages (if available).

What are the best programming language for student to learn? Is it Python? I’ve heard a lot about Python…

Programming languages are designed for different purposes, in fact Python is one of the most programming language currently because of the rise of STEM education, AI and Big Data. Python is slightly easier to learn because it consists of lesser syntax to remember and there’s plenty of library that allows user to build different projects. Python is widely used in building Artificial Intelligent Model and Big Data Analysis, it also can be used to build website etc, however it might not user friendly as HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. The most important part of learning programming is to understand the concept, develop logical thinking & critical thinking, furthermore, to know how to build an effective and efficient algorithm. 

In our academy, we introduce block programming to all students to build their basic understanding toward programming concepts, then C programming with LadyBug Robot, C programming is commonly used in industrial embedded system and many languages are build on top of C programming language, then only move on to innovator or python (depends on student’s preference.)


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